Monday, June 25, 2012

Spring vacation

     Hello guys,

     I'd like to share with you my video from our vacation. It was such a good time, full of new impressions and the warmest feelings. 
     Our trip started in Orlando, Fl where we spent some time just enjoying the sun and all futures from our resort. On May, 26 we were celebrating my 25th birthday in DisneyWorld, where my childhood dreams came true. Our next destination was the ocean. So, we went to Jacksonville, Fl. But this city greeted us with the tornado warning, gray sky and incessant rain. We were keeping the hope to get to the ocean. Thanks god, in the last day forecast was changed and beaches were opened for the visitors. Unfortunatly, swimming was still forbidden, but we could enjoy the incredible view of the strong and huge waves and feel entire power of the nature. In a great mood and with the unforgettable memories we came back home.   
     I wish a good vacation to all!!!     
     Enjoy the video!!!